6 Commonest Facial Skin Problems in Men

The epidermis in both men and women is susceptible to dermatological issues. This article aims to go in-depth into the commonest facial skin problems in men and discuss their causes and effects.

We hear quite a lot about women’s skin problems, women’s skin care products and regimens; however men’s skin is rarely discussed even though men are quite vulnerable to skin problems. Facial skin is an asset for modern men who are just as conscious about appearance and grooming as women are. Knowing the commonest facial skin problems in men can help a great deal.

Facial Redness

Facial redness is noticed in men who shave on a regular basis. It is one of the commonest facial skin problems in men. It is often accompanied by a burning sensation for a few hours right after the shaving process. This can be a source of embarrassment and irritation, which makes the shaving process an unpleasant activity. Shaving is often required and such redness and burning may need treatment. While some men may find it helpful to apply after-shave lotions or moisturizers, if problem persists for long, medical advice may be needed.

Razor Burn

Razor burn is another commonest facial skin problem in men; closely related to shaving. Razor burn primarily happens due to improper shaving technique and failure to use the right equipment during shaving. Razor burn can result in a minor itchy sensation with tiny red splotchy spots all over the recently shaved facial area or even razor bumps that are rather large pimple like eruptions that are caused by ingrown hairs. Razor burn is both unpleasant and unsightly and can be largely avoided by sticking to a proper shaving technique and using sharp razors at all times.

This is yet another commonest facial skin problem in men who shave on a regular basis. Small shaving nicks and cuts may seem harmless and yet are open wounds that are susceptible to various infections. While shaving nicks and cuts cannot be completely avoided; it shouldn’t be completely neglected. Over time; shaving nicks and cuts result in multiple scars on the face which is not something any man would welcome. The solution here would be to put more time into the shaving process instead of a hurried shave that often results in cutting oneself.

Dry Skin

Men are less likely to suffer from dry facial skin than women but that doesn’t mean then never can. Multiple causes can rob men’s facial skin of its natural oils. Hence, with increasing pollution, stress and use of harsh chemicals, this too is one of the commonest facial skin problems in men. The issue needs to be remedied to correct one’s appearance and to avoid itchy and dry flaky facial skin. Using moisturizers and suitable skin care products can help, or medical advice can be sought, if needed.

Acne in Men

Acne is most prevalent in adolescents however it is one of the commonest facial skin problems in men that can even extend into adulthood. The causes of acne in both men and women are common and are often related to hormonal imbalances, poor skin care, digestive issues, oily diet and decreased fluid intake. Chronic acne are best treated with medical advice, while over the counter products like facial creams, scrubs, cleansers and face washes are available for mild cases of acne.


Rosacea in men is characterized by facial redness that is very different from the minor and temporary redness experienced after shaving. This too is one of the commonest facial skin problems in men. Rosacea is said to be more common among men with fair skin with a tendency to blush easily. Flare-ups and remissions are common and the issue often presents itself after the age of 30. Rosacea, if left untreated can result in difficulty to treat scarring and also permanent disfigurement. Rosacea shouldn’t be taken lightly and a dermatologist should be consulted at the earliest.

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In conclusion; these are some of the commonest facial skin problems in men that can be easily treated with appropriate medical care. Like all other skin problems; these problems present as mild irritations before they worse, hence, seeking treatment in early stages helps.

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